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Defend the American Republic is a citizen action group, established in Western Massachusetts and open to all. It was organized for the purpose of challenging and resisting President Trump's agenda for America, as made evident by his choice of appointees and cabinet nominees, as well as his actions as President and the actions of his appointees.  The purpose of this group is to facilitate communications within the larger group and the subgroups, and provide timely information about actions, events, and resources that will facilitate any actions you might want to take individually.
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Subgroups You Can Join

  • Federal Judiciary Action
    The Judiciary Subgroup has both a short term and a long term mission. Our immediate agenda is to lobby Democratic senators to oppose, and filibuster, the nomination of Neil Gorsuch to the Supreme Court. Our longer term goal is to investigate the status of the (thousands?) of unfilled nominations to lower federal courts. Are Republicans able to block them permanently?
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  • DefendTheAmericanRepublic | FirstAmendmentandMedia
    Subgroup devoted to first amendment issues including, among others, press freedom, access, and accuracy.
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  • DefendTheAmericanRepublic | FromFacebookEtc
    Anything anyone wants to post relevant to the mission of the group including reposting of interesting articles from Facebook and elsewhere, links to websites and interesting organizations; opinion pieces and editorials.  Time-sensitive events and actions that members of the group might want toll participate in SHOULD NOT be posted here, but should go out to the general membership.
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  • DefendTheAmericanRepublic | HereToStay
    Here To Stay focuses on immigrants and immigration.
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  • DefendTheAmericanRepublic | HilltownEcoAction
    The mission of Hilltown EcoAction is to identify local, regional and global environmental issues that have the potential to negatively impact our environment and planet, and to take steps to right those wrongs.
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